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Brick & Mortar

Offline and Online-Shop

Stationary trade is still stronger than online trade, but the trend is clearly moving towards online.

But why do customers like to go to your brick-and-mortar store but not to your online store?

When regular customers open the online store for the first time, they feel like strangers. The purchase history is empty, the recommendations don't fit, data has to be re-entered. If your store online doesn't recognize its customers, why stay loyal?

Swilox allows you to leverage the synergy between brick-and-mortar retail and your online store. It is also the perfect complement to your customer loyalty program.

Give your customers personalized access to your online store while they are still in the local store, with just one click on their smartphone:

No cumbersome registration

all known data are already there

Unified purchase history

Reorder online what was purchased locally

Meaningful recommendations

see the customer as a single person and not as two different people, one online and one stationary

Send Newsletter

even from your local store

So customers are not new to your online store but only back to the digital site.

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Offline without Online-Shop

There is no need to go completely online with a business, but in a competitive market, the use of digital marketing is an important tool, e.g. a newsletter for your regular customers.

But registering for a newsletter in the locale store is tedious to impossible. This is where Swilox comes in. All your customer has to do is scan a QR code and accept the newsletter with a click on the button.

From this moment on, you can send your customers emails as push notifications directly to their smartphone - where they will actually be seen!

And should an online store later complement the local offer, your customers can shop there immediately without the need for registration or a password!

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